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Board of Trustees

Roger ElswickRoger Elswick

Occupation: Owner of Community Toyota*Honda*Kia
Church Affiliation: Faithbridge Church
Northland Association: Since 2009

What Northland means to me:
Northland has made a significant impact for our family and we have seen what a difference it has made to other families as well. It has provided excellent academic programs by great teachers who truly love the children. The environment offered provides for exceptional development of students to prepare them to be leaders of tomorrow and to seek God in all aspects of their lives. We are truly blessed to be a part of the Northland family.

John England

Occupation: Partner and U.S. Oil & Gas Leader - Deloitte LLP
Church Affiliation: Kinsman Lutheran
Northland Association: Since 2003

What Northland means to me:
Northland provides a great, Christian environment where kids can learn, pray and grow together. The faculty and staff really care about the kids and the kids learn to care about each other. We’re blessed to be part of the Northland family!

Robert Gilliland

Info to come

Lloyd Hajdik

Occupation: EVP and CFO
Oil States International, Inc.
Church Affiliation: Champion Forest Baptist Church
Northland Association: Since 2011

What Northland means to me:
Northland's top quality academics and extracurricular activities administered in a Christian environment have made a lasting and positive impact on our family. It's such a blessing to raise up your children in an environment that will prepare them to meet life's challenges and become leaders in our society.

Jeff Ingram

Occupation: SVP of Managed CareApria Healthcare
Church Affiliation: John Wesley United Methodist Church
Northland Association: Since 2008

What Northland means to me: Northland is a school where I know my children can be exposed to a Christian environment with great teachers and supportive, solid group of families. After 6 years so far, we have had a fantastic experience and look forward to many more.

Paul Kubosh

Occupation: Attorney
Church Affiliation: Champion Forest Baptist Church
Northland Association: 2001

What Northland means to me: The decision to attend Northland was a life altering decision for my family. I wanted to find a school in the City that would prepare my children for college. I wanted a school that would be small enough to allow them to participate in extra curricular activities. I wanted a wide range of electives including Debate and Orchestra. Even more so I wanted a place where the Word of God was preached and where we could celebrate the true meaning of Christmas in the school. I have four children who have gone to Northland. Two have graduated and they are excelling in College. There success is no small way a result in the education and training they got while at Northland Christian. Northland truly is Foreever Prep.

Rod Leis

Occupation: Retired: ExxonMobil International Human Resources Manager (32 years)
Retired: Captain US Coast Guard Reserve (28 years)
Church Affiliation: St. Dunstan's
Northland Association: Since 2005

What Northland means to me: Northland provides our students with one of the highest value education experiences in Houston, surrounded by caring parents and nurturing teachers who pursue excellence in a Christian environment. Our focus is Forever Preparation -- creating great future college students, citizens, parents, and leaders who will make a difference in our world.

Dale Quisenberry

Occupation: Partner, Polasek, Quisenberry & Errington, LLP
Church Affiliation: Champion Forest Baptist Church
Northland Association: Since 2008

What Northland means to me:
Northland was our first choice for a private school education for our son. After 7 years, we are still very happy with that choice! From the top-notch college preparatory education, to an outstanding prayerful faculty and staff, we are blessed to be a part of the Northland family. We look forward to seeing how God continues to grow Northland! 

Patrick White

Occupation: Account Executive - LSI Industries
Church Affiliation: Faithbridge
Northland Association: Since 2004

What Northland means to me
Preparing students for college and career is only a part of the Northland mission. There is so much more to the development of young people that Northland provides. A Christian perspective in a Christian community gives our students something much more valuable than a worldly mission – it’s VICTORY FOREVER!




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