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“Northland Forever”

Many schools claim to be college-prep.
At Northland, we believe that’s a bit shortsighted. 

Sure, we want our students to be ready for college. We believe in a rigorous curriculum. But a Northland education is about so much more than that. If all we do is prepare our students for four more years of schooling, we’re missing out. We want to prepare them to be husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, to have successful careers and families, and to learn to lead others with wisdom and integrity. We believe their actions, like ours, will echo into eternity. So our goal is to see lives changed…forever. So we’re more than just college-prep. You could say that we’re “forever-prep.”

We want to encourage the continual pursuit of Truth--and this is not limited to the classroom. The wonder of creation, the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge, the quest to know more about the brilliant Mind behind the cosmos, this is what we pursue. That’s Truth Forever.

We desire to see athletic victories that transcend a single sports season. We know that athletic success is not measured by the quickly dimming lights on a scoreboard. We strive to teach lessons that impact lives, in this life and beyond. That’s Victory Forever.

We trust that our art, music, and other co-curricular activities become a natural extension of worshipping our Creator. The transcendence of our music, the beauty of our artistic expression, the excellence with which we pursue academic competition, these are all forms of worship. That’s Glorifying God Forever.

That’s the Northland difference. 

And that’s what we mean by Northland Forever.

 - Truth forever. 
 - Victory forever. 
 - Glorifying God forever.


Northland Christian School: Truth Forever • Victory Forever • Glorifying God Forever