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2017-18 Student Council Officers announced

Congratulations to the following students:

  • President: Paul Tran
  • Vice-President: Irissa Omandam
  • Secretary: Britney Trieu
  • Service Chairs: Athena Sarghos and Alli Fordyce
  • Blood Drive Chair: Rachel Gidden
  • Elementary Chair: Grace Gilliland
  • Spiritual Life Chairs: Macie Baker and Miranda Simmons

Thank you to our outgoing Stuco officers who did a wonderful job this year!

  • President: Sarah Lanier
  • Vice-President: Sarah Navid
  • Secretary: Kayleigh Birney
  • Elementary Chair: Avery Lawson
  • Blood Drive Chairs: Madison Lewis and Sam Petro
  • Service Chairs: Carla Fernandez and Lauren Lamar
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