2017 Red Ribbon Week at Elementary | Northland Christian School

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2017 Red Ribbon Week at Elementary

red ribbon weekOctober 23-27

MONDAY, October 23

You are REDeemed by Love. Never do Drugs.

-- Wear your red uniform shirt

TUESDAY, October 24

F.R.O.G: Fully Rely on God – not drugs

-- Wear green with jeans

WEDNESDAY, October 25

S.U.R.F. – Saved Under Righteous Faith so LEI off Drugs.

-- Wear Hawaiian clothes

THURSDAY, October 26

T.I.E. – Together in Eternity/Stay Close to God and away from Drugs.

-- Wear a neck tie with your uniform

FRIDAY, October 27

We are Smarties. Cougars are too smart for Drugs.

-- Wear your favorite college shirt with jeans or spirit shorts

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