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2017 Science Fair winners anncounced

April 27, 2017

The annual Northland Christian Science Fair was held this week and was declared another big success. ExxonMobil science ambassadors came once again to judge and spoke highly of our students’ efforts. They shared compliments which stated our students had great interviews, wonderful usage of the scientific method and superb data recording. 

The Science Fair was a wonderful experience for all. Below is a list of the 2017 winners:

Grand Prize

Grand Prize Winner: Travis Gilliland


1st Place: Jacob Beatty
2nd Place: Caitlyn Bui
3rd Place: Sophie Cossey
Honorable Mention: Taline Abbas


1st Place: Carrson Hernandez
2nd Place: Olivia Hamilton
3rd Place: Jonathan Trenholme
Honorable Mention: Kinsey Kraner
Honorable Mention: Blake McCarthy


1st Place: Maisy Summers
2nd Place: Collin Sacmp-Gross
3rd Place: Kalee Nelson
Honorable Mention: Anthony Schurle

2017 Science Fair Photo Gallery
Please feel free to download photos from NCSPhotos.org,
(Northland's photo gallery) where you can download photos for free.

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