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2018 Famous Texans' Wax Museum

The 4th grade students recently presented their "Famous Texans Wax Museum" projects. Parents and elementary students visited the Wax Museum to see Famous Texans "come alive". The "Famous Texans" shared with the other students about their lives and their impact on Texas.  

The 4th graders spent a lot of time preparing for this project. The projects included speeches, biographies, timelines, character traits, pictures, props, diary entries, portraits, and more!

This presentation was the culminating event to work that has taken place throughout the nine week grading period. After students selected a Texan, they were instructed on research and note-taking techniques. They were then taught how to write a research report and put together a time line of accomplishments. We focused on the different God-given gifts and talents each famous Texan possessed and on admirable character traits they showed. Students were also taught to write a specific form of poetry, while also getting to explore their creative side while writing diary entries from certain points in their subject's life. Finally, they were taught to draw an artistic portrait of their subject and how to design the basic layout of a display board for their work. Students worked with different teachers in various subjects to bring this project to life - as a way for them to see that their lessons from different classes should all come together to form an entire learning experience...and not just separate skills for test grades.  

The skills the students learned from this project are invaluable for upper level thinking and will continue to prepare them for school at the next level. Students learned how to organize information, research information using various media, write biographies and bibliographies, oral presentation skills, and time management skills. This project serves as an introduction to the project process...leading them up to the Science Fair project in 5th grade.The final portion of the project involved the student dressing-up and becoming the character in the Wax Museum. Students remained still until someone pushed a button to indicate that they wanted to learn more about the character. Once the button was pushed, the presenter gave a short speech.

Great job, fourth graders!

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