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Elementary Makerspace program aligned with STEAM movement

monstersAt Northland, we are beyond blessed to have many educators that truly do “involve” our children.

In 2012, The NCS Foundation was united in a goal to develop a way to honor these very teachers. Therefore, the “Great Idea" grant program was born to provide extra funding to help our most ambitious and creative teachers achieve their plans that go above and beyond their normal, daily activities in the classroom. Six grants were awarded at the end of the 2016-17 school year. 

The “Makerspace” grant for the Elementary Library totalled $1,855. Makerspace is a term that is used around the country for a collaborative space in which you can make, create, explore, and more.  

Makerspace Mondays allow all Elementary students to participate in activities that are aligned with the STEAM movement (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art + Design, Mathematics) and provide students opportunities to create, explore, discover, and problem-solve. Grant writer Leigh Blossom accepted the grant below.

The students look forward to Makerspace Mondays!

Mrs. Blossom organizes new centers every Monday and the students love exploring all the various activities. K-2nd graders enjoy 30 minutes every other Monday. The 3rd-5th graders have 45 minutes on alternate Mondays. 

BeeBot is a programmable robot, in which students have to do basic coding to program the robot to complete a maze. This station teaches coding, mathematics, problem solving, technology, directionality, sequencing, and estimation.

Osmo Monster
Osmo Monster:
 Osmo Monster takes your drawings and brings them to life using an iPad app. This center teaches problem solving, creativity, design, and technology.

Keva Planks:
 Keva Planks are small pieces of lightweight wood that can be stacked and built into virtually anything. Students build with them, while learning problem solving, engineering, creativity, design, spatial reasoning, communication, and team building.

 Suspend is a hanging balance game. It teaches problem solving, balance, weight and distribution, mathematics, dexterity, and fine motor skills.

 Sphero is a robotic ball that is controlled via Bluetooth using an iPad app. Sphero teaches coding, working with technology, problem solving, and directionality.

 Cubelets are robotic, magnetic cubes, each with one certain function. Different combinations of cubelets creates robots that do different things. This teaches technology, problem solving, design, engineering, and computational thinking.

Osmo Tangrams:
Osmo Tangrams use classic wood tangram pieces which interact with the iPad app to give real-time feedback. This teaches special reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, engineering, mathematics, fine-motor skills, and executive functioning.

Osmo Numbers:
Osmo Numbers uses dots and number tiles to add or subtract to the correct number and move up levels. This center teaches problem solving, counting, addition, subtraction,  and technology.

Lego – Landmarks: Students use legos to recreate landmarks from around the world. This teaches design, creativity, engineering, planning, and problem solving.

Cardboard Construction: Students used MakeDo safesaws and Klever Kutters to cut cardboard and then screw it together to make different, new items. This teaches creativity, design, problem solving, experimentation, adaptation, invention, collaboration, basic usage of tools, and engineering.

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