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Northland Foundation announces 2017 "Great Idea" grant recipients

The concept of innovative teaching is far from new. In fact, Benjamin Franklin described it perfectly when he explained, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

At Northland, we are beyond blessed to have many educators that truly do “involve” our children.

In 2012, The NCS Foundation was united in a goal to develop a way to honor these very teachers. Therefore, we started the “Great Idea" grant program to provide extra funding to help our most ambitious and creative teachers achieve their plans that go above and beyond their normal, daily activities in the classroom. In selecting the grant winners, we are looking for innovation, plans that will benefit a large number of students, and ideas that can be used or replicated in the classroom for many years to come.

Thank you to each teacher who submitted a grant application. Please continue to think innovatively and pursue excellence, and we hope you will apply again.

Thanks to Foundation board members Kalai McHan, David Leard, Curt Ross, Patrick White, Bob Reaves, and Foundation president Roger Elswick; and students Arielle Westfall, Grace Gilliland, and Brandt Ross for helping to present the grants with fanfare.

Grant #1: “Movement and Learning” grant for the 3rd grade department in the amount of $1,250. The grant will provide students with appropriate tools to allow movement while learning. To quote the application “When students are provided opportunities to move, their rate of learning increases.” Grant writers Tonja Norwood, Melissa Flowers, and Dena Kraner accepted the grant for the 3rd grade. 

Grant #2: “Makerspace” grant for the Elementary Library in the amount of $1,855. Makerspace Mondays allow all Elementary students to participate in activities that are aligned with the STEAM movement (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art + Design, Mathematics) and provide students opportunities to create, explore, discover, and problem-solve. Grant writer Leigh Blossom accepted the grant.

Grant #3: “Building 4 Commons” grant focused on the English and History departments in the amount of $1,910. The Building 4 Commons will be redeveloped to provide students with a college-style commons area where students can study, read and collaborate. Studies show that student ownership of a space fosters creative and collaborative study. The faculty of this building will utilize the area for group projects related to their learning objectives. Grant writers Amy McCathran and Eric Wietstruck accepted the grant.

Grant #4: “An Environment for Success” grant for Middle School students in the amount of $1,250. The grant will provide middle school classrooms with a wide array of fidgets to help students direct their energy to a non-disruptive source, creating a more peaceful and attentive environment for learning. Grant writer Vanessa Bowers accepted the grant.

Grant #5 - “Mapping Higher Achievement” grant for the Secondary History department in the amount of $1,800. To quote the application, “Our history department understands that humans have interacted with God’s creation as well as each other”. All secondary students will have access to 330 interactive maps to investigate U.S History, World History, Civics, presidential elections, map projections, world religions and the spread of Christianity. Grant writers were Eric Wietstruck, Carrie Leach, Julie Huff, Anthony Eisenman (not pictured) and Andy Bowers (not pictured).

Grant #6 - Vacuum Pump and related accessories grant for the High School Science department in the amount of $1,255. Students will use the vacuum and suction pumps to understand the effects of changes in air pressure on the behavior of matter. Grant writers include Kim Downey, Ken Mosley, and Cathy Clapper.

Thank you to these teachers who work tirelessly in striving for excellence in their classrooms. We thank you for all you do for our students and making Northland such an excellent school. Please join us in congratulating our 2017 "Great Idea" grant recipients.

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