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Northland Foundation announces 2018 "Great Idea" grant recipients

The Northland Christian Foundation is excited to announce the winners of the 2018 Great Idea Grants. Thanks to Riley Frank, Olivia Schmidt, and Grace Gilliland for their "spirited" help in announcing these greatly appreciated grants.

Grant #1: “Makerspace Mondays” grant awarded to Mrs. Blossom and the Elementary Library in the amount of $707.43. Makerspace Mondays allow all Elementary students to participate in activities that are aligned with the STEAM movement (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art + Design, Mathematics) and provide students opportunities to create, explore, discover, and problem-solve.

Grant #2: “Robotics” grant awarded to the Elementary, MS, and HS Robotics program in the amount of 3,729.61. The success of the Robotics team has been wonderful this year.  The grant will be used on the elementary campus to update equipment and purchase probes that will help with programming and data gathering. On the secondary campus the grant will be used to update equipment, purchase additional kits for the growing program, and purchase a new platform.

Grant #3: “Lil Boots Rides On” grant awarded to Mrs. Toldan and Mrs. Tosh in the amount of $700. This grant will allow the Northland tradition of Lil Boots to continue through 2020. The secondary students love partnering with our preschool students to make this Texas celebration day a success!

Grant #4: “21st Century English Classroom Seating” grant is awarded to Mrs. Hobbs, Mrs. McCathran, and the secondary English department in the amount of $1,560. This grant will provide funding for rugs, floor cushions, and lap desks for all classrooms. The 21st century classrooms are driven by student interests and the open, flexible spaces allow students to come together to share, collaborate, and create.

Grant #5: “Hapara Workspace” grant of $1,537 is awarded to Mrs. Hobbs. We are excited about this new program that will be piloted in the English department. The Hapara program will provide teachers greater visibility and access into a student’s work, allowing teachers to provide immediate feedback. Students are able to stay focused and organized online, building critical 21st century skills.

Grant #6: Biblical Signage and Artwork grant of $2,000 is awarded to the secondary Bible department. This grant will allow the story of the Bible, through high-quality illustrations, to be presented daily as students move from class to class. These items will enhance a students’ interaction and focus on God’s Word as an integral part of their life.

We are so blessed with teachers who continue to strive for excellence in their classrooms. We appreciate all you do to make Northland such an excellent school for our students. Please join the Foundation in congratulating our 2018 Great Idea Grant recipients.

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