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Save the date for the Northland production of "Cinderella"


The timeless story of Cinderella comes to life on the Northland stage November 2nd, 4th and 5th.  Senior Alaina Nguyen will enchant the entire family as she brings the character of Cinderella to life. Living a less than happy life with her Stepmother (Annie Durbaca) and stepsisters Grace (Abbie Wietsruck) and Joy (Melanie Talley) she is kept as a servant in her own home. Never far away is the memory of her mother and her Fairy Godmother (Marly Grace Rogers); with a little magic, she helps Cinderella find the strength within to get to the ball and meet her charming Prince Christopher (Jack Farrell). Craziness ensues as Cinderella hopes to finds her happily ever after.

Dates and Times:

  • 7:00pm - Thursday November 2
  • 7:00pm - Saturday November 4
  • 2:00pm - Sunday November 5

Ticket prices:

  • $8 student
  • $5 faculty/staff
  • $10 general admission
  • Children 4 and under are free
  • $25/$50 reserved seating purchased in advance (building 1)
  • Ticket sales start October 16

Cinderella Cast:

Cinderella  - Alaina Nguyen
Fairy Godmother – Marly Grace Rogers
Prince Christopher – Jack Farrell
Lionel, royal steward – Clay Skiles
Stepmother – Annie Durbaca
Grace – Abbie Wietstruck
Joy – Melanie Talley
Queen Constantina – Carys Morgan
King Maxamillian – Paul Tran

Cloth Merchant – Ian Wietstruck
Butcher – Nathan Brown
Cheese Merchant – Alyssa Willingham
Baker – Macy Ingram
Street Musician – Ali Fordyce

Villagers/Party Guests:
Sara Zollo
Ally Wiley
Danielle Rangel
Lydia Fan
Maddie Leard
Jakayla Davis

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