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Fundraising Guidelines

School Fundraising is a part of all schools, public and private. Although we do not always embrace it, it is a positive initiative in that we all want to do as much as possible to ensure our students have the very best experiences in school as possible. At Northland, our guidelines suggest three levels of fundraisers.

#1 First Priority - Projects that benefit the entire school

  • Examples are capital campaign projects, Foundation events, and Black and Gold Events.  

#2 Second Priority - Projects that enhance specific school programs

  • Examples are projects for the Athletic Booster Club, The Fine Arts Society, or other special interest groups.

#3 Third Priority - Other Non-profit events and activities support other than NCS

  • Non-profit fundraisers should occur in numbers of no more than one per month. Fundraisers for other non-profits are typically the focus of special interest groups such as student council service projects, after-school clubs, and co-curricular endeavors.

  • Full campus involvement is limited to one non-profit fundraising project annually. Examples are the Living Water Project sponsored by the Elementary School and Sunshine Kids sponsored by the Student Council.

Northland is interested in fundraising ideas that may benefit the school. if you have an idea you think meets Northland standards, please speak to a principal. All fundraising should align with the goals and mission of the school and must have a Northland employee sponsor.

Kristin Lewis

For more information, please review the Fundraising Guidelines and Procedures (PDF).


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