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2017-18 Donors

Thank you to all our generous families, teachers, and staff for their donations. Annual Fund gifts help create, sustain, and grow the Northland community by funding the myriad opportunities for Northland students, both now and in the future. These gifts ensure that Northland will continue to be a place of extraordinary possibility. 

It is not too late to add your name to the list of supporters, which will be updated weekly. Several donors have chosen to remain anonymous and we greatly appreciate their donations. Please note if there are any changes or corrections to contact Kristin Lewis,

COUNCIL LEADERSHIP $10,000+ and above
  • Roger and Kim Elswick
  • Mark and Becky Lanier
LEGACY $5,000+ to $10,000
  • Rod and Karen Leis
  • Timothy and Donna Rebhorn
CORNERSTONE $2,500+ to $5,000
  • Stan and Debbie Horton
  • John and Kelly England
VICTORY $1,000+ to $2,500
  • Boz and Natalie Arezina
  • Cyndi Austin
  • James and Cindy Butler
  • Dale and Denise Darr
  • Travis and Tiffany Hardwick
  • Jeff and Sherry Ingram
  • Paul and Rhonda Kubosh
  • David and Kristin Leard
  • Kristin Lewis
  • Matt and Shyanne Meekins
  • David and Patricia Pruett
  • Chris and Debra Purcell
  • Mike and Elisa Schulter
  • Joe and Karen Stork
  • Patrick and Kimberli White
  • Dan and Kim Woods
  • Patrick and Cathy Yerian
Northland Forever $500+ to $1,000
  • David and Mona Broussard
  • Dennis and Cathie Clapper
  • Jerry and Doris Edmonds
  • Robert and Allison Gilliland
  • Lloyd and Suzzanne Hajdik
  • Cliff and Dena Kraner
  • Brent and Shelly Longnecker
  • Chris and Kalai McHan
  • Chad and Bobbi Jo Miller
  • Elmer and Ophelia Mosbey
  • Jordan Quinn
  • Curt and Sherri Ross
  • Stephen and Michelle Van Stone
  • Rene and Suzanne Trevino
  • Ken and Suzanne Werlein
Cougar Proud $10 to $500
  • Jessie and Betty Acosta
  • Mathew and Leigh Blossom
  • Paul and Tammy Blume
  • Cecil and Tristyn Davis
  • Gregory and Tracy Fairbanks
  • Gary and Deborah Fischer
  • Steve and Jeanette Garza
  • The Gould Family
  • Mark and Beth Harrison
  • Todd and Kelly Hearn
  • Brad Helm
  • Karen Jackson
  • Kent and Cheryl Lamb
  • The Laprarie Family
  • Juan and Monica Lewis
  • Thomas and Pam Lincoln
  • Gary and Kristen Luedecke
  • Bob and Donell Manitz
  • The Jeff Martin Family
  • Brian and Shelia McGavock
  • Ray Melchiorre
  • Ken and Donna Mosley
  • Don and Lisa Murray
  • Matthew and Karen Nguyen
  • Chris and Tonja Norwood
  • Robert and Amy Owens
  • Dannon and Kelly Peterson
  • Jeff and Carrie Beth Rogers
  • The Stivers Family
  • Robert and Christine Tate
  • Doug and Celia Tosh
  • James and Katie Van Hook
  • Phillip and Holly Westerby
  • Eric and Gretchen Wietstruck
  • Fred and Tammie Wiley
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