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Campaign Donations & Pledges

>> How do I give?

You may give online here or download and complete a Campaign Pledge Card.

Or, you can contact the Foundation at any time (, 281-440-1060 x6435) in person for assistance and to begin the donation process.

Foundation and School representative also have available brochures describing the Capital Campaign and Endowment, “Naming Rights,” and more about the School and the “2020 Plan.”

>> How will my gift or pledge to the Capital Campaign be used?

All funds (100%) donated to the Capital Campaign will be “restricted” by the Foundation, and will be used only for expenses for designing, constructing, furnishing and fitting out the planned new facilities, expenses for planned renovations of existing facilities, and for moving and transportation expenses incurred in consolidation. 

>> Will the Foundation take an “Administrative Fee” out of my donation?

Neither the Foundation nor Northland will take an “Administrative Fee” or similar charge against any Capital Campaign donation.  100% of the donation will be used for construction and related expenses.

If the Foundation is not taking a fee, how are the Foundation’s operations funded?

Foundation operations and Capital Campaign expenses (donor recognition events, receptions, other) are funded via “Business Partnerships,” “Legacy Memberships” and via other donations made directly to the Foundation.

>> What kinds of donations are accepted for the Capital Campaign?

The Foundation has the capacity to accept a wide variety of donations.

Because some forms of donations can be quite complex, you should always consult with your financial advisor before initiating a charitable gift arrangement; Foundation representatives are also always available to meet with your or your advisors in person or via telephone.

Some examples of possible donations include: cash, publicly traded securities, life insurance policies, annuities, real property, artwork, and other noncash kinds of donations. Gifts of appreciated securities, in particular, may realize significant tax and other benefits for the donor.  

>> How will any “noncash donations” to the Capital Campaign be used?

Because our goal is to complete the Capital Campaign by 2020, we anticipate that most donations other than cash (donations of land, for example) will be liquidated and applied to the Capital Campaign.

>> Are there other ways to give?

Yes, the “Endowment Forever Fund” is a very important part of Northland’s future.  The Endowment will be held and managed by the Foundation to benefit the School, and represents Northland’s first-ever Endowment.  Gifts, pledges or donations to the Endowment can include cash, securities, noncash donations, or long-term pledges and donations of life insurance policies, estate plans, bequests, charitable gift annuities, and other planned giving.

Funds donated to the Endowment will be held in perpetuity, with income generated by the Endowment providing, stable, long-term funding for Northland and Northland programs and activities.

For larger Endowment donations, typically $100,000 and greater, a donor may also elect to fund a specific program, activity or faculty/staff position, with appropriate recognition also provided to the donor (“The John Smith Head of School” as an example of a “named position”).

>> What other obligations might I have with a “noncash” donation?

For noncash donations (donations other than cash or publicly traded securities) greater than $5,000, the IRS requires a donor to secure a qualified appraisal prior to making the donation as part of the donation process, and other requirements may apply.  Neither the Foundation, nor the School, can provide appraisals or valuations to you for noncash donations.  Please consult with your tax advisor or financial advisor for further assistance.

>> Are there any other expenses the Foundation or Northland may incur with my donation?

The Foundation may need to pay some professional fees in processing your donation, for the sale of equities for example, or a realtor to assist with the sale of land.  Fees charged us for these types of professional services will be deducted from the gross proceeds realized by your donation. 

In other instances, qualified Board of Trustee or Foundation Board Members or others may be able to provide those services pro bono to us.   

>> May I give anonymously?

Yes, donations may be made anonymously.   

The Foundation is administering the Capital Campaign on behalf the School, and information pertaining to your identification, or to your donation or planned donation, is not shared without your express permission.

Neither the Head of School, nor the Board of Trustees or Foundation Board of Directors, are provided information on individual donors or donations without your written consent and permission.

Furthermore, if you make any gift in honor or memory of another, the Foundation never discloses to that family or honoree the amount pledged or donated by you, unless we are expressly directed by you to do so.

The Foundation does typically disclose to the family or honoree that a gift or pledge has been made in their name, and who has made this gift or pledge.  

If the donor desires, the donor may choose to remain anonymous, with the Foundation simply notifying the family or honoree an anonymous donation has been made in their honor or memory. 

>> How will donors be recognized?

All donors to the Capital Campaign (who choose to make their donations public) will be recognized by the Foundation and by the School.

We have identified a wide range of “Naming Rights” ranging from $2M to $75,000, and have that information available in list form for prospective donors.

Depending on the kind and amount of the donation, other donations will also be recognized at School events, in print, on the website, in buildings, through other naming options, and more.

Please consult with Foundation representatives for specific options and donor recognition opportunities, as these will also change over time as facilities are named, etc. 

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